LifeLines — A Memoir Workshop

Ready to write some stories from your life? 

In this weekly writing workshop you can learn about and practice essentials of the craft of memoir, whether you’re writing for pleasure or publication.  

Give shape to your stories—find out where it’s best to begin, what’s good to include, how to bring a story to a strong finish

Write vivid scenes to integrate that sense of immediacy with the narrative, which pushes the story forward

Create engaging dialog to help animate scenes

Show the people in your stories as dimensional, not flat

Include sensory detail in descriptions

Discover how revision strengthens writing

Besides a half-hour craft lesson, each week up to three readers get thirty minutes devoted to a piece of their writing (2,000 words max) for feedback on what’s compelling, what may be unclear, and what can be strengthened.

I hope you’ll join us as you find your way with words and write your important life stories.


8 weeks: $350
 July 8 – August 26
 October 21  – December 9
 4 weeks: $200
July 8 – 29
August 5 – 26
< No session in September>
October 21 – November 11
November 18 – December 9



Students have said…

Suzanne is a gifted writer who knows the art of memoir. With her insights and knowledge and the help of supportive classmates I have found my voice and confidence. Suzanne creates a safe space to express one’s truth through writing.  I never imagined publishing, but a piece I developed in Suzanne’s class was published in The Sun Magazine. — Dan Munz

I appreciate Suzanne’s ability to encourage deeper self-reflection in a safe and supportive environment. I am forever grateful to her. — Paula Girolo

Suzanne is my mentor, teacher, writing coach, and editor. I came to her class with a story eight years ago and subsequently published it in Imitation Fruit Literary Journal. Four other stories Suzanne helped me develop were published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. With her help I’m now completing a book of cat rescue stories. And to think it started with one class! — Terilynn Mitchell

Suzanne’s expert guidance has enabled me to develop my writing skills in an atmosphere of support and encouragement. With her invaluable suggestions, insight, and extensive knowledge of the craft I have been inspired to complete and publish an award-winning book about my childhood growing up in the redwoods of Humboldt County. — Sharon Moxley,  Among the Silent Giants