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What a wordsmith extraordinaire! Suzanne took my idea for a book and expertly wrote a proposal that sold. She helped me articulate the book’s essence. Anyone who needs a book writing partner, editor, or proposal writer, Suzanne is a gem. — Robin Fisher Roffer, The Fearless Fish Out of Water: How to Succeed When You’re the Only One Like You

I appreciate and admire Suzanne’s work and professionalism. I think she may be the finest editor I’ve ever encountered in my long publishing career. She cares about both the small and large things that make up a good story, both the well-crafted sentence and the large pivotal scene. Thanks to her, my memoir is far more coherent and compelling than I would have thought possible. — Lewis Vaughn, Star Map: A Journey of Faith, Doubt, and Meaning

Suzanne helped to turn my manuscript from a basic recitation of chronological facts into a beautifully crafted memoir. She helped me find my own writing “voice”! Not only is she an amazing writer, editor, ghostwriter and consultant, but working with her also sparked interest in a new career path for me into the world of publishing and creative writing. I was also faced with a very quick deadline for my project, for which Suzanne worked expeditiously to ensure the manuscript was completed on time and of the finest quality! I could not ask for a better product and will certainly be calling upon her services in the future! — Valerie Giglio, Singing in My Own Key: A Vocalist’s Triumph Over Stroke

Suzanne is a creative, innovative, personable, and supportive editor. I cannot recommend her more highly. — Dr. Meagan Pugh, The Spiral of Healing

Suzanne’s professional integrity is impeccable and her skills in helping me go deeper into what I was trying to say are just the beginning of a long list of accolades. Writing memoir takes time, trust, and making it through repeated challenges. It is very therapeutic, and Suzanne can track the mysteries of the emotional landscape with tenderness and understanding. With Suzanne, writers can soar. — Caroline Muir, Queen of Hearts: The Life of a Sexual Pioneer

For more than a decade Suzanne’s expert guidance has enabled me to develop my writing skills in an atmosphere of support and encouragement. Her invaluable suggestions, insight, and extensive knowledge of the craft of writing have inspired me to complete a book about growing up in the redwoods of Humboldt County. Suzanne is a knowledgeable and sensitive instructor. She expertly guided me while I wrote Among the Silent Giants, which has won several awards. Suzanne amazes me with her ability to cut through the fog of excess verbiage. It would be hard to find another writer-editor-teacher of her caliber given her intelligence, kindness, honesty, and penetrating understanding of the art and craft of writing. — Sharon Porter Moxley, Among the Silent Giants

Whenever my confidence was low and I wanted to give up writing my book, Suzanne urged me on. When writers’ block stalled me, she found a way to get me going again. When I struggled to find just the right word, Suzanne made good suggestions. I can truthfully say that I wouldn’t and couldn’t have done it without her. — Norma Borelli, Bake Yourself Happy: Cookie Recipes for Beating the Blues

I met Suzanne in her memoir writing workshop. She is incredibly talented, with an academic yet sensitive approach that leaves her students well grounded in the genre. — Frances Caballo,  Social Media Just for Writers

Suzanne’s professionalism and attention to detail is impeccable. I will always appreciate her objectivity, her highly constructive tone, and her dedication. — Ty Gray, 23 Days




About Suzanne

Suzanne Sherman is a veteran publishing professional, with thirty-five years in the field and a specialization in memoir and other nonfiction. Her clients have published with Wiley & Sons, Chronicle Books, Ten Speed Press, and a number of smaller publishers. She has also helped many authors successfully self-publish. Some of Suzanne’s memoir students and coaching clients prefer to write for personal pleasure or to create books for family, and they call her an invaluable guide.


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