Do you have a valuable story to tell and need a good writer?

Are you an expert with value to teach and no time to write the book?

I can help.

Ghostwriters wear a lot of hats, and my closet is full of them. I have written about extremely diverse subjects and worked with similarly diverse clients: professional musicians, lawyers, engineers, educators, marketing professionals, scientists, retired doctors, IT wizards, psychologists, chefs. One memoir ghosting client is a noted San Francisco businessman with a career in international urban development. His book traced his humble roots and outlined his route to success. Colorful anecdotes showed his development into an entrepreneur who took risks that paid off.

How does it work? With memoir, in several telephone, Skype or in-person meetings we discuss your book idea, outline it, and create a schedule for the manuscript to be completed. Next, I interview you for the material. I get to know your voice and tone and write a complete draft of the book. You review that draft and return it me and I produce a second and final draft.

If you are a skilled writer and want to be more involved in the writing of the book, we can arrange for that.

Some people hire me to collaborate as a ghostwriter to write their books.

Robin Fisher Roffer, CEO of Big Fish Marketing and a high-powered branding strategist, hired me to help plan what would become The Fearless Fish Out of Water: How to Succeed When You’re the Only One Like You. My book proposal and ghostwritten sample for this self-help/business book secured Roffer’s representation with a top agent at William Morris Agency, which led quickly to a publishing contract with John Wiley & Sons.

Queen of Hearts, by Caroline Muir, describes the journey of a sexual and spiritual healer who pioneered the Tantra movement and lived the ups and downs of a polyamorous lifestyle. The collaborative process of developing and refining this intimate personal story resulted in a manuscript published by Monkfish Book Publishing Co.


A book of approximately 60,000 words (300 double-spaced pages) typically involves five to six months of full-time writing. You can expect four to six interviews of about two hours each at the start of the project and should be available after that for follow-up and fact verification.


Ghostwriting fees vary depending on the complexity and length of the book. I provide a project fee after our initial consultation. The fee may be paid in up to three installments.

Whether you’re publishing or want the book for your family, you’ll have invested in immeasurable, lasting value.