Publishing Consultation

We’ll find your best options.

I help authors choose the best publishing route for themselves and their book. Some authors prefer to self-publish and keep closer control of their book and book sales, others prefer a traditional publisher.

I’ve been published traditionally and have self-published and I’ve guided many authors through both of these routes. Each route has its pros and cons and it’s good to know them and make an educated choice between the publication routes before proceeding.

How to Publish

Today, you can profitably self-publish with a reputable print-on-demand publisher or you can hire a hybrid publisher. If your book has commercial potential you can seek a traditional publisher with the help of a literary agent or you can choose a smaller publisher.

If you are self-publishing, we can discuss what’s needed for quality cover copy, getting cover quotes (if relevant). I also consult on book titles. Titles are essential to the sale of your book, a key marketing decision. I’ll walk you through ordering ISBNs, help you put the book up on KDP (Amazon), and create an Amazon Author page. If you want to make your book available for order by libraries and bookstores, I’ll help you put your book up at IngramSpark as well as on Amazon. By the end of our call you’ll have manageable and specific next steps in place to get your book published.

We can discuss the all-important book launch and what’s recommended for a successful one, reviewing the timeline for pre-publication so you can be prepared for the big day and all that follows.


You’re the Publicist for Your Book

Traditional publishers have a limited budget for the books they publish every year. While you may get your book into bookstores and get some promotion of it in its first weeks, when you publish with a traditional publisher you’ll still have much to do on your own to get the word out about your book. I am not a publicist, but I am a good first step in getting a personalized publicity and marketing plan set-up. A plan can include blog tours, building a mailing list (interested readers), getting an author website, getting launched or better established on social media platforms, writing a one-sheet to send out with your book for reviews and talks.


A 1-hour consultation can save you a lot of time.