Get started — or get further — with your writing!

I specialize in memoir (creative nonfiction) and nonfiction (self-help, instructional, historical and regional interest). You’ll gain a sense of accountability and enjoy the benefits of structure for getting your writing done while having the flexibility to choose your coaching session times and frequency. Coaching sessions can include my advance review of new material you’ve written, with feedback and discussion on our coaching call, or weekly phone calls can help you with any of your writing concerns.

For writers interested in memoir, I help with all aspects of book and story creation, including:

→ crystallizing the central topic

→ outlining the book

→ identifying key theme(s)

→ naming reader takeaways

→ planning the book format (framed, braided, other)


Coaching sessions are individualized to suit your needs. 

SCHEDULE a free 15-minute call to get started.


Here are a few of the ways you can benefit by working with me as your writing coach.

Are You Considering a Book?

I offer creative solutions. As part of our one-to-one work together we’ll uncover your storyline (plot) and identify themes and key turning points to build your book around. If it’s a nonfiction book you have in mind, I can help you plan, prepare, and complete a quality book.

Do You Have a Memoir in Progress?

I help writers stay true to their goals for their book, reviewing chapters as they’re written. Writers learn to use a consistent, natural tone and receive feedback on craft, including character development, pacing, and use of scene and dialog.

Are You Writing Other Nonfiction?

Informational, self-help, and how-to books require a format appropriate to their topic. I help identify the most effective format, assist with the outline as needed, and provide helpful feedback as the book develops.

Where Are Coaching Sessions Done?

Our coaching meetings are done by telephone or in my online office using Zoom, the free teleconferencing call platform. We set a regular time that fits with your schedule and gives you consistency and structure.

What Coaching Sessions Include

• Discussion of any writing topic of your concern.

• Review of written material emailed to me in advance of our scheduled call.

• Optional MP3 recording of your Zoom session delivered by email.

What Coaching Sessions Do Not Include

• I do not edit your written material. See editing services for that help.

• I do not act as an agent for your book, but I can provide recommended resources.

How Coaching Sessions Are Paid

Coaching packages give you a reduced fee and can be used in 30- and 60-minute sessions within 90 days of purchase. Choose the package you’d like and schedule your first coaching appointment in the box below.

Package I: 3 hours: $485
Package II: 6 hours: $895

Hourly Coaching: $165

30 Minutes: $90

SCHEDULE a free 15-minute call to get started.

If you schedule a coaching session using the calendar below, please be sure to include your contact information. I will call you at our appointed time. If you would like me to read material you’ve written in advance of our call, please send an email first to arrange the details.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Sherman is a veteran publishing professional, with thirty-five years in the field and a specialization in memoir and other nonfiction. Her clients have published with Wiley & Sons, Chronicle Books, Ten Speed Press, and a number of smaller publishers. She has also helped many authors successfully self-publish. Some of Suzanne’s memoir students and coaching clients prefer to write for personal pleasure or to create books for family, and they call her an invaluable guide.


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