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writing coach

Writing Coach

Who benefits from a good writing coach? Writers who want to plan a successful book, strengthen their storyline, or get valuable guidance as they complete a manuscript.

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writing consultant

Manuscript Consultant

I review in-progress and completed manuscripts and let you know what’s working and what you can improve.

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online memoir classes

Memoir Classes

Learn to write quality memoir from the comfort of your home. This 8-week Zoom class teaches memoir craft and offers an opportunity for feedback on your writing in process.

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An experienced editor is an essential step toward publication. I’ve been a book, magazine, and independent editor for over 30 years specializing in developmental editing (book structure and content) and line editing of ready manuscripts.

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open book

Publishing Consultant

We’ll determine your best option: self-publishing, traditional, digital, or hybrid. I can help you navigate the field and make the best choices. I have a good referral network, too, for help with author platform building.

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proposals&query letters

Book Proposals & Query Letters

Book publishers require stand-out proposals using a particular format. I write, edit, and critique proposals and query letters, increasing your chances of getting signed.

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