100 Years in the Life: Girlhood in America — Personal Stories 1910 – 2010

Over 50 girls tell the stories of a century.

More than 50 women and girls tell about life before age thirteen in every decade of a century. This is cultural history through a rare lens. That lens shows great changes for women and their roles in ways that affect us all to this day.

Stories tell of life from places as different as Maine and Molokai’i. You’ll read about the 1920s in Indiana by a young Russian Jewish immigrant, about the 1960s in Little Rock, Arkansas by an African-American girl whose parents told her “no one’s a stranger unless you make them a stranger.” Terri Ann is the daughter of an American GI and a Vietnamese mother born during the Vietnam War in the 1970s. And there’s so much more.

This is the juicy real-life stuff, from the times before telephones to the days toys turned digital


Readers say…


I love this book! It’s an important testimony to the lived history of decades of young girls, with the clever addition of cultural history for each era to give context for the personal stories. Informative, fun and illuminating. A treasure!

Linda Joy Myers
President of the National Association of Memoir Writers


Brilliant! This powerful collection of personal stories weaves the American experience like I’ve never seen done before.

Susan Hagen
co-author Women at Ground Zero:
Stories of Courage and Compassion


Enlightening and entertaining! Jewels.

Matilda Butler


A magical tour through a rich era of history! Suzanne’s skills with storytelling vividly bring these girls to life. My young nieces and I love every one of the stories!

Anne Hill
co-author of Circle Round

100 Years in the Life: Girlhood in America — Personal Stories 1910 – 2010 April 26, 2012