The Emotional Territory of Writing Memoir

Methods for Writing the Tough Stuff


You spend hours at your writing desk. Sometimes you get good writing done. Other times you struggle to stay in your seat. Go back there again? Bring that time to life for the page? Lots of writers have told me it’s hard to be with their story again. They want to write it, but their book stays unfinished. Or never gets started.

I understand. It took me forty years to be ready to write my own memoir. I’m writing it now. And I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned that writing a memoir can be the hardest thing you’ve ever done and the best thing you’ll ever do.

For many of those years I wasn’t writing the book I was gaining more understanding of my story; more time had to pass. But for many of those years, too, I resisted the challenge of resurrecting a painful past on the chance that others could benefit by my story of it. I didn’t want to “go there” again. And I knew I had to.

Methods for Writing the Tough Stuff is the place to find out how to move forward in the right direction. I’ll share methods for managing the unease that can come with digging up the dust you’ve worked hard to leave behind you. I’ll give you easy-to-follow strategies to help you write about the past and feel good when you go back to your life as you know it today.

Some of what you’ll learn:

• Valuable methods for making your writing time productive and emotionally “safe”

• How to determine what to include and ways to make that material accessible — even to you

• A few private support systems to give you relief and release and help you strengthen the writing


The webinar is one hour, but the goodies from it can last a lifetime.


Methods for Writing the Tough Stuff

Tuesday March 16, 4 PST/7 EST

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Suzanne’s webinar was inspirational. It gave me the tools I needed. I appreciate her ability to encourage deeper self-reflection and am forever grateful. — Paula Girolo, writer

Suzanne’s webinar presented the material in a concise, logical manner that really put my mind at ease. It’s amazing how much information she fit into a one-hour class. I feel free to write my full story now, knowing how to protect myself and others. — Susan Hagen, author

I came away newly energized and eager to apply what I had learned to my own memoir writing. —  Marianna Marlowe, freelance writer
The Emotional Territory of Writing Memoir December 15, 2017