Exposure of Yourself and Others in Memoir

How do you get the courage to include details that reveal parts of yourself you usually keep private? How do you deal with family secrets? How do you decide what to include? 

Other authors do it. Roxane Gay found the courage to write her best-selling memoir Hunger, a story that involves a traumatic, pivotal truth she’d kept secret until publication.

In The Glass Castle, author Jeannette Walls writes of growing up with two eccentric and dysfunctional parents. Her book touched the hearts of millions and was made into a Hollywood movie.

Cheryl Strayed (Wild) includes details in her best-selling memoir that she considered important to her story, details some might question including (she has children), details like like hard drug use, an extramarital affair, an incident of graphic casual sex.

Chances are, you’ve read books like these and wondered how the author got the guts to put their stories into print.

In this 1-hour webinar—Exposure of Yourself and Others in Memoir—I’ll dive deep into issues concerning exposure and give you information that could help you open the gates and get your writing done.

Along with other topics, I’ll cover:

• tested methods to manage self-exposure and exposure of others

• practices published memoir authors use to overcome fear of exposure

• methods for protecting the privacy of people you write about


DATE: Tuesday September 14,  4 PST/7 EST


A recording will be sent to registered participants. Everyone will also get a template to use for consent to appear in your book and 10 Tips for Managing Feelings of Exposure.

There will be time for a Q/A, so if you can be present for the webinar, be sure to have your questions ready.


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Exposure of Yourself and Others in Memoir December 15, 2017