Memoir Workshops



Memoir Writing Workshop

Learn essentials of the craft and get guidance, support, and helpful feedback as you write for personal pleasure or publication. 

Every session focuses on an important memoir writing topic for the first half-hour with helpful information on subjects like enlivening the writing (using sensory detail, descriptive detail, writing good dialog).

You’ll learn how to shape a good story from out of a larger time period or event, get practice writing dialog and engaging scenes, benefit by a sharing your writing for feedback, and more.

Over the 8 weeks you’ll have a chance to get feedback on 4 or 5 writings of up to 2000 words. Optional at-home writing exercises and writing topics are given on request. 

Sebastopol (Pleasant Hill Ave./Bodega Hwy)
MONDAYS 1 – 3 pm (8 week sessions)

RESERVE your place.

Students have said…

Suzanne is my mentor, teacher, coach, and editor. I came to her memoir class eight years ago with a story and subsequently published it in Imitation Fruit Literary Journal. Two other stories Suzanne helped me with were published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cat Really Did That? With her help, I’m now completing a book of cat rescue stories. And to think it started with one class! — Terilynn Mitchell, Student, Writer & Veterinary Technician

Over the past decade, Suzanne’s expert guidance has enabled me to develop my writing skills in an atmosphere of support and encouragement. Her invaluable suggestions, insight, and extensive knowledge of the craft of writing have inspired me to complete and publish an award-winning book about my childhood growing up in the redwoods of Humboldt County. — Sharon Moxley, Student & Author of Among the Silent Giants