Memoir Workshops

LifeLines: Weekly Workshop

 This weekly workshop teaches essentials of the craft and gives you guidance, support, and feedback as you write for personal pleasure or for publication. 

You’ll learn to write engaging scenes, strong dialog, learn how to create believable characters, and much more. Story review is part of every class session, with 90 minutes for it divided among group members. Sign-ups for readings are done at the first two meetings. Over the 8 weeks you’ll have an opportunity to read aloud and get feedback on 4 or 5 writings of up to 1500 words. Optional at-home writing exercises and writing topics are given on request. 

Sebastopol Location (Pleasant Hill Ave./Bodega Hwy)
MONDAY 1 – 3 | $300 | 8 weeks

CONTACT ME to hold your place.


SUMMER: June 3 – July 22 [CLOSED]

SUMMER/FALL: August 5 – September 30 [no meeting Sept 2]


Navigate the Emotional Territory of Writing Memoir 

Writing memoir can be an illuminating creative journey. It can sharpen your understanding of your experience. It can help you make peace with aspects of your life. In creating story from out of actual events you can see how situations affected each other, maybe even caused each other to happen.

In this workshop we’ll explore the roles of perception, truth and fact in memoir. We’ll discuss the potential benefits of writing “the hard stuff” and consider how healing can occur while staying close to the dramatization of your story. Pen names and pseudonyms are another topic we’ll discuss, and best ways to use them. Get a chance to share your concerns about the writing and learn from others facing similar challenges

Sebastopol Location (Pleasant Hill Ave./Bodega Hwy)
SATURDAY 10 – 1 | $195 | April 27 2019

CONTACT ME to register.