Memoir Workshops

LifeLines: Weekly Workshop

If you’re in the Bay Area, this memoir writing workshop may be exactly what you’re looking for. The weekly workshop provides guidance, support, and feedback on your writing as you find the stories in your experiences and write for personal pleasure or publication. This is also the place to learn more about the craft of memoir as you begin or develop a book.

Each week a half-hour is devoted to an aspect of memoir craft as you learn the essentials: what’s needed for a good scene, what makes strong dialog, how to create believable characters, and more. You’ll learn about the value of revision to strengthen your writing and find out how to make the most of it. Story review is held weekly, with 90 minutes divided among four group members. Sign-ups for readings are done at the first two meetings. Over the 8 weeks you’ll have an opportunity to read aloud and get feedback on 4 or 5 writings of up to 1500 words. Optional at-home writing exercises and writing topics are given on request. 

Sebastopol Location (Pleasant Hill Rd./Bodega Hwy)
MONDAYS 1 – 3 | $300 | 8 weeks

CONTACT ME HERE to register.


SPRING: April 1 – May 20 

SUMMER: June 3 – July 22 

SUMMER/FALL: August 5 – September 30 [no meeting Sept 2]


Navigate the Emotional Territory of Writing Memoir

Writing memoir can be an illuminating creative journey. It can sharpen your understanding of your experiences. It can help you make peace with aspects of your life. In creating story from out of actual events you can see how situations affected each other, maybe even caused each other to happen. (I call this “connecting the dots.)

But it’s not always comfortable to write about ourselves. Some subjects that are essential to include are distressing to remember and put to the page. It can be hard to dive deep and re-create scenes you’d just as soon forget about. Concerns like these can keep you from writing.

How do writers successfully visit the dark corners to dig up necessary details or face difficult subjects they know could make others uncomfortable to read about? How can you do it too?

In this workshop I offer a chance for you to gain much that can be out of reach on your own. You’ll learn how published memoirists tackled emotionally challenging subjects, and so much more.

• Get valuable tips for managing writing the tough stuff
• Share concerns and learn from others facing similar challenges
• Consider privacy issues and learn about your responsibilities as a writer 

March 2, 2019
10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  |$195  | Sebastopol Location 

CONTACT ME HERE to register.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Sherman is a veteran publishing professional, with thirty-five years in the field and a specialization in memoir and other nonfiction. Her clients have published with Wiley & Sons, Chronicle Books, Ten Speed Press, and a number of smaller publishers. She has also helped many authors successfully self-publish. Some of Suzanne’s memoir students and coaching clients prefer to write for personal pleasure or to create books for family, and they call her an invaluable guide.


Start Writing Right!

These 7 easy-to-follow essentials can get you started right or help you fine-tune your writing in progress. It’s a short, info-packed resource to help you improve on a good idea and give you the tools to build your exceptional story.