Get the writing skills you need.
Become the best writer you can be. 

I have good news. You don’t need to be a seasoned writer to succeed at writing a memoir, you just have to know the essentials of the craft.

I offer writing workshops, online classes, and easy-to-follow webinars to help you do that. 

Online Classes

In six weeks you can learn the essentials of the craft of writing memoir and get a chance to practice your craft. Read more…

Memoir Workshops

• 8-week memoir workshops

• Saturday memoir workshop series 

Webinar: Navigate the Emotional Territory of Memoir

How do you write — and survive! — the challenging material that’s essential to your memoir but can keep you from writing it?



I can’t imagine a writing class without the kind of knowledgable and sensitive guidance I have with Suzanne. I am often god-smacked by her insight. — Sharon Porter Moxley

Suzanne is incredibly bright and talented with an academic yet sensitive approach. — Frances Caballo

Suzanne taught me the basics of the craft and focused on the essence of my stories while giving me feedback honestly and tactfully. — Laurie Jacobvitz