Navigate the Emotional Landscape of Memoir

1-hour webinar

3 Tuesdays | JULY 16, JULY 23, JULY 30



How do successful memoirists do it?

• Best-selling author Roxane Gay wrote Hunger, including a traumatic, pivotal, revealing truth she’d kept secret from her parents until publication.

• Caroline Knapp revisited and chronicled her struggle to overcome alcoholism in the bestselling memoir Drinking: A Love Story. She had to relive hard scenes and painful feelings to write about them vividly.

• In The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls recounted her unconventional youth living with two eccentric and dysfunctional parents. Wells includes a hard-to-shake image of happening upon her mother dumpster-diving while she watches through a taxi cab window on a busy New York street, herself coiffed and dressed for her job at a prominent publishing company. Walls’ adult life was worlds different from the one she wrote about in the book, but in that moment—and for much of the time she was writing that memoirthe world she inhabited with her family was right up next to her, uncomfortably close. The dumpster scene wasn’t just a stunning hook to start a memoir that would become a bestseller and be made into a Hollywood movie, the dumpster scene no doubt kept the author awake at night, but she wrote about it, revealing her resilience as she shared her story with the world. And her memoir touched millions.

You can do it too.

Navigate the Emotional Landscape of Memoir 

This 1-hour webinar, Navigate the Emotional Landscape of Memoir, gives you useful information and practical, tested methods to help you dive in and feel good when you get out of the water. 

You’ll learn ways to manage self-exposure, exposure of others, the related legalities and find out about effective practices for writing the tough stuff.  Should you publish under a pen name? I’ll tell you the pros and cons of it. 

In just three weeks you’ll get the tools to help benefit you as you’re writing and benefit your book beyond what you may be able to imagine.

3 1-hour meetings 

JULY 16, JULY 23, JULY 30


Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to learn and get answers to your questions in the Q/A. A recording and handouts will be sent to registered participants within 24 hours, so you can watch later if you can’t be present for the webinar.


$127 (Early Bird – Register by June 7) | $147 after June 7

3 1-hour sessions 

  • Price: $147.00


July 16

THE CONTAINER FOR WRITING: What containers are and how to use them | Prepare and unpack (before and after)

YOUR CORE STORY: Memoir is a journey story: Educated (Tara Westhover), Inheritance (Dani Shapiro), Wild (Cheryl Strayed) | Your story in one sentence | In service to the story: focus the core topic | Theme drives content

TELLING THE TRUTH: Exact vs emotional truth | Point of view | Perception and how it plays on the page

July 23

ANIMATING STORY: What’s needed for good memoir | Scene vs narration | Reliving details: managing the effects

REVEALING YOURSELF: Plusses of vulnerability | Successful authors share their experiences | How to write “with the door closed” | What to include | Evaluate emotional relevance

EXPOSING OTHERS: Considerations and options | Advance review: author examples

July 30

WRITING FOR HEALING: How to make the most of it

LEGALITIES: Defamation vs reputational harm | Getting consent | Including disclaimers

PEN NAME: Pros and cons


Suzanne has created an optimal space to learn how to write one’s most intimate memories.  She provides a safe context to ask questions and share insights as she draws from personal experience and literary, psychological, and academic sources to demonstrate how successful writers have told their stories in compelling and artistic ways.  Suzanne brings her deep knowledge of the craft to an engaging and thoughtful session that encourages and inspires the writer in everyone.  I came away newly energized and eager to apply what I had learned to my own memoir writing.  —  Marianna Marlowe

Suzanne’s workshop “Navigate the Emotional Landscape of Memoir” was inspirational. It gave me the tools I need to expand my thinking and incorporate new ideas and concepts into my writing.  I appreciate her ability to encourage deeper self-reflection and am forever grateful for all she has given me. — Paula Girolo

Webinar December 15, 2017