Write a Successful Memoir

Bookshelves are filled with bestselling memoirs. More good memoirs are available as ebooks and audiobooks. It’s inspiring—and dizzying. How can you join their ranks? Do you need to be a proficient writer to write a quality memoir that people want to read?

I have good news for you. You don’t need to be a seasoned writer to succeed at writing a memoir, but you do need to learn the essentials of the craft and put them into practice.

I give you the essentials and a chance to practice them in my info-packed online memoir course.


Get the skills you need.



I can’t imagine a writing class without the kind of knowledgable and sensitive guidance I have with Suzanne. I am often god-smacked by her insight.—Sharon Porter Moxley, Student/Author

Suzanne is incredibly bright and talented with an academic yet sensitive approach. —Frances Caballo, Social Media Strategist/Author

Suzanne taught me the basics of the craft and focused on the essence of my stories while giving me feedback honestly and tactfully. I have gained confidence in my writing and improved.—Laurie Jacobvitz, Student