These are a few of the books I’ve helped produce.

30721338Singing in My Own Key: A Vocalist’s Triumph Over Stroke

At forty-two years old, Valerie Giglio was heading for an even brighter future as both a successful lawyer and professional vocalist with two CDs to her name when she suffered a brain stem stroke. Completely paralyzed on one side, confined to a wheelchair, her singing voice apparently ruined, Valerie was devastated. This is the story of her inspiring and extraordinary recovery. Release date, Aug 1 2016.

  • Consultant, Editor/Ghostwriter: Suzanne Sherman
  • Author: Valerie Giglio


The Secret Life of Dog Catchers: An Animal Control Officer’s Passion to Make a Difference

Shirley wrote this collection of stories, The Secret Life of Dog Catchers, to chronicle her adventures as an animal control officer and to raise funds for animal causes. She describes the book as a love story about animals and people.

  • Editor, Coach: Suzanne Sherman
  • Author: Shirley Zindler
fearlessFishSidebarImageThe Fearless Fish Out of Water: How to Succeed When You’re the Only One Like You

This business/self-help book came in as an idea and a rough outline. Working by phone and email, Robin and I brainstormed her topic and created the outline, format and table of contents for the book. With some of her input for anecdotes and her contacts in the entertainment industry for good quotes, I ghostwrote the sample chapter and then the proposal. The proposal won representation right away with a top agent at William Morris and secured a book deal in just a few weeks.

  • Consultant, Ghostwriter Sample Chapter Book Proposal: Suzanne Sherman
  • Author: Robin Fisher Roffer
  • Publisher: Wiley & Sons
Leo Kim - Suzanne Sherman, Proposal/ConsultantHealing the Rift: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality

When this scientist contacted me for help, he had written his book and was meeting rejection by publishers. I consulted on his book proposal and sample chapters and edited his manuscript, sharpening the focus, tightening the copy to make his message clearer.  Two months later this writer had editors at Mercury House excited about his book and ready to publish it.

  • Consultant, Book Proposal: Suzanne Sherman
  • Author: Leo Kim
  • Publisher: Mercury House
Among the Silent Giants: A Young Girl’s True Adventures15785300

Sharon studied with me for five years, writing a collection of stories about life in a remote logging camp in Northern California in the 1950s. She put those stories together into this unusual and riveting book, written in first person/child voice.

  • Writing Instructor, Coach: Suzanne Sherman
  • Author: Sharon Porter Moxley
  • Awards: Honorable Mention Los Angeles Book Festival
Caroline Muir Memoir - Sherman Ghostwriter/EditorQueen of Hearts: The Life of a Sexual Pioneer

Caroline had no idea where to start in writing a memoir about her life and professional career. She needed help from a skilled writer with an open mind and the ability to give her story shape and depth and stay true to her voice. Working with me, Caroline discovered her theme and I made sure it was a throughline in the book, writing the narrative that she peppered with colorful anecdotes. Our collaborative effort and my book proposal led to Queen of Hearts.

  • Ghostwriter, Editor: Suzanne Sherman
  • Author: Caroline Muir
  • Publisher: Monkfish
Meagan Pugh - Suzanne Sherman EditorThe Spiral of Healing

Meagan wanted to turn her thesis into a trade book/workbook to offer at her workshops and presentations. A Somatic Art Therapist and Transpersonal Counselor as well as a professor and workshop facilitator, her focus is on healing trauma. I helped transform the academic tone and professional jargon to reach a broader readership and made sure the guided visualizations were easy to follow. I proposed the format, with icons representing each of the creative modalities in the exercises.

  • Editor: Suzanne Sherman
  • Author: Meagan Pugh
Women at Ground Zero - Suzanne Sherman ConsultantWomen at Ground Zero: Stories of Courage and Compassion

When much of the world was still reeling from the tragic event of 9/11, these two writers flew to New York City with a tape recorder and big plans. They returned a few weeks later with cassettes full of interviews with a number of the female first-responders at Ground Zero, none of whom the press had acknowledged. I assisted with transcription of the interviews so they could be mined for their jewels.

  • Consultant, Transcriber: Suzanne Sherman
  •  Authors: Susan Hagen and Mary Carouba
  •  Publisher: Alpha Books
OB/GYN Memoir - Suzanne Sherman ConsultantA Jailhouse Journal of an OB/GYN

This doctor came to me for help with his highly sensitive personal story about being prosecuted for the death of a patient following an abortion. I consulted on format, content, and voice, providing a fresh perspective on what was essential for the book.

  • Consultant: Suzanne Sherman
  • Author: Bruce Steir, M.D.
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
Southwestern France Cookbook - Suzanne Sherman EditorA Culinary Journey in Gascony: Recipes and Stories from My French Canal Boat

Traveling the French canals on the author’s barge, shopping for groceries in medieval villages, and serving sumptuous meals in the local flavors of Southwestern France make up the stories in this travel/cookbook, and I was on the journey every mile of the way. I created the journaling format for this storybook laced with local recipes and culture and copy edited the text and the recipes.

  • Developmental Editor, Copy Editor: Suzanne Sherman
  • Author: Kate Ratcliffe
  • Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Charlie Trotter - Suzanne Sherman Copy EditorDesserts | Seafood | The Kitchen Sessions

I was the copy editor for scores of books for Ten Speed Press, some of them quite high end. Three of these were Charlie Trotter’s glossy cookbooks. His team requested me as copy editor to make sure every ingredient was accurately described, and to apply the many style rules that make recipes consistent in a cookbook.

  • Copy Editor: Suzanne Sherman
  • Author: Charlie Trotter
  • Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Patrick Clark - Suzanne Sherman Copy EditorCooking with Patrick Clark: A Tribute to the Man and His Cuisine

Master chef Charlie Trotter conceived this book, with top chefs contributing personal anecdotes about and recipes of a chef they knew and respected. My job was to keep all of the voices unique in the many short narratives and bring all of the recipes into consistent style.

  • Copy Editor: Suzanne Sherman
  • Author: Charlie Trotter
  • Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Birds Around Us - Suzanne Sherman EditorThe Birds Around Us

Nine ornithologists wrote each of the chapters of this backyard bird-watchers’ book, which features an introduction by Roger Tory Peterson. My job was to make the chapters accessible to a general readership.

  • Associate Editor: Suzanne Sherman
  • Publisher: Ortho Books