Some people call me a book midwife.
Other people are just glad they called me.

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I help authors develop their books and other writings.

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Get a professional review of your manuscript, finished or in progress. Ready to publish? Determine your best publishing options. Proposals and query letters written or reviewed.

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Improve your writing skills and get your life stories or book written in this 8-week Zoom workshop, with valuable craft lessons and helpful feedback on writings.

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Client Testimonials


What a wordsmith extraordinaire! Suzanne took my idea for a book and expertly wrote a proposal that sold. She helped me articulate the book’s essence. Anyone who needs a book writing partner, editor, or proposal writer, Suzanne is a gem.

Robin Fisher Roffer, Founder & CEO Big Fish Marketing

The Fearless Fish Out of Water:  How to Succeed When You’re the Only One Like You


Working with Suzanne has been tremendously helpful. I hired her to help me organize the vast amount of material I have gathered to write a nonfiction book. Her careful reviews of my proposed outlines, my drafts of chapters and suggestions for development of them along with her requests for clarification have been great. She’s friendly and knowledgeable, with helpful creative ideas. She knows the publishing business and her writing skills are impressive.

Roseanne Chambers, Ph.D., Geologist, Geographer, Writer

The Monumental Andes (Forthcoming)


Suzanne is my mentor, teacher, coach, and editor. I came to her memoir class eight years ago with a story and subsequently published it in Imitation Fruit Literary Journal. Four other stories Suzanne helped me develop were published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. With her help, I’m now completing a book of cat rescue stories. And to think it started with one class!

Terilynn Mitchell

Writer, Veterinary Technician

Recent Articles

Creating Our Own Traditions

For many years I celebrated Thanksgiving at a friend’s rustic cabin in Jenner, on California’s stunning North Coast.  There is no electricity in this two-story cabin my friend built, and no cell service, but the big room where four friends gather to sauté mushrooms for a gravy on the propane

Make More with Your Language

In a poem titled “The Sound of One Fork,” Minnie Bruce Pratt writes, “I am alone in a solitude that vibrates like the cicada in hot midmorning…” 

What does solitude sound like?

Collect Ambient Details to Bring the Past to Life

Sometimes you need to have an experience in the present to collect ambient details for a scene you’re writing from the past. 

Writers notice. It’s part of our creative work. We practice being aware of what’s going on around us so we can add some of that ambient detail to our writing to bring the world of the story to life. 


Girlhood in America

Personal Stories 1910 – 2010

Pop culture.

Personal stories.

A stunning century comes to life.

There’s so much to learn from and enjoy in these 56 lively personal stories from around the country and throughout a century — from 1910 to 2010.

Discover a new way to understand life.

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