Book Consulting

Are you a writer who wants help getting your book idea off the ground?

Do you have a finished a draft of a memoir or nonfiction book and need help taking it to the finish line?


Individualized Guidance from Concept to Finished Draft

You have a “good story” to tell — and a good story is important for a book — but a good story isn’t enough to sell a book in today’s marketplace, where 4500 books are published daily. You have to stand out, and you have to offer quality.

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING Hands-on help with structure and content.

PUBLISHING GUIDANCE Traditional Publisher, Hybrid Publisher, or Self-Publishing: Which is right for you, and how do you do it?

For more than thirty years I’ve worked with hundreds of writers to lead them to success with their book ideas and works in progress. Whatever your topic—memoir, self-help, personal growth, travel or psychology—if you have a book concept or a completed manuscript, I can lead you to your goal.


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