A good editor can make all the difference.

 Whether you’re self-publishing, e-publishing, or planning to hire an agent, a good editor will bring your voice forward in the most compelling way and help your book earn the praise it deserves. Your work will look professional and reflect your commitment to success.

With over 30 years in the publishing business, I do it all:

  • Developmental editing
  • Line editing
  • Anthologies editing
  • Blog editing

I’ve been an editor for publishers including Ten Speed Press, Chronicle Books and Crown Publishing. I’ve edited travel guides, cookbooks, memoirs, workbooks, self-help and more for hundreds of independent clients — writers, professors, psychologists, retired professionals, chefs, and businesspeople who want to publish and people who simply want to write better. You can read about some of my clients here.

Developmental Editing

We go to the essence first: what is the “spine” of your story in a memoir or your take-away message in nonfiction? It’s from this core all else comes. In memoir I read, too, for the elements of fiction that transform truth to art and make a personal story a page turner: dramatic structure (narrative arc), momentum, pacing, scene construction, character development, handling of time, voice, and more. I consider where tension lags, check for vivid verbs that bring the writing to life. I give you notes about where these elements are working and where to add them. Nonfiction has its own issues. I work with your format and make sure it’s the strongest for your topic and tone. We work electronically (by email) or by telephone.

Line Editing

It’s time for a line edit when you’re ready to improve your writing and bring it to the next level. I read for clarity and consistency in tone and style, suggest what can be omitted to keep the writing concise, note where useful adds could be made, reorder passive or overloaded sentences. I prefer Track Changes, in Word, so clients can see suggested changes in the document before accepting them and avoid the separate step of incorporating edits from manuscript to computer. When a client prefers, I edit the printed manuscript. A line edit can include copy editing if your manuscript is already mostly in order. If it’s in an earlier stage of readiness, copy editing is best as a separate, finishing edit.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is a final stage, following the line edit. A copy editor makes sure punctuation is correct, spelling is accurate, capitalization is done where it needs to be, syntax and flow of information is logical.  Copy editors sometimes fact check, as needed, and develop or follow a style guide for certain categories of words (like varieties of apples and kinds of wines). After this comes the final proofing — a separate job done by a proofreader — and then it’s time to go to print. I can give referrals for a copy editor and a proofreader, as needed.


Anthologies are assembled from collected writings or transcribed interviews. I edit anthologies and consult on the book’s structure and content.

Put on your best when you go out there and the best will come back to you.

My Rates

Line editing is $85 per hour. Half of the estimate for the project is paid up front with the balance due when the work is completed.

Developmental editing is $95 per hour, with requested rewriting for an additional fee.

How It Works

After you contact me and I learn about your project, we discuss your project briefly by phone. I give a project estimate after a read of the first 15 pages. For those who prefer it, for $90 I contract for a sample edit of 10 pages to be sure we’re the right fit.

If you’d like a reference, just ask. Books I’ve edited fill my shelves, and their authors will be happy to talk with you about working with me.


CONTACT ME. See how I can make the difference you want.

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