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How do you write a successful memoir, maybe even one that will be a best-seller? There are several important pieces to have in place before you start.

  1. Be sure you have a solid and valuable story topic. A memoir is not the story of a life, it’s a story from a life. As you explore that story topic, uncover the theme you’ll thread through the book.
  2. Identify what in your story is universal—what will readers likely relate to?
  3. Is there a meaningful takeaway, a lesson readers can have by the end of your story?
  4. Once these pieces of the bigger picture are ready to go, it’s time to draw the narrative arc—your development from where you are at the story’s start to where you are at its end.
  5. The events you’ll include to dramatize that story arc and the characters that will be in your story are the next part of the planning.

I’m a valuable help when you’re planning your book and when you’re writing it, helping with the bigger-picture issues of storyline and story structure and the finer points. I work with writers on book outlines, clarifying the course before a book is begun or when it seems to have gone off track in a muddy middle. Many writers send me a chapter at a time as they write the first draft of their book, for feedback and ideas for development.

Monthly coaching is available in 2-hour, 4-hour, and 12-hour packages, or you can hire me as needed to work with you by telephone, Skype or email.

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