Learn what it takes to write memoir that delivers something memorable. “Turning Truth to Art” offers six weekly craft lessons for beginning memoir writers. The Mentorship Program offers structure and guidance for more experienced writers to complete a 30,000-word draft of a memoir or memoir collection in six months.

Turning Truth to Art: The Six Essentials

The best memoir uses the same storytelling techniques as fiction — convincing characters, believable dialog, vivid scenes, descriptive details. Publishable memoirs also have a clear theme and narrative arc. I teach the craft of memoir and provide the structure, support and inspiration to keep you productive.

Writing memoir is different from journaling. There, you describe or explore whatever you are feeling or want to chronicle as it occurs to you. It’s about self-expression and personal discovery. With memoir, you have to look at the bigger picture of the story you want to tell, create a shape for telling it, define the theme and plan the focus. This is how truth becomes art.

Once a week, on Mondays by noon, I email you the week’s lesson. The lessons include instruction and helpful examples from published memoirs along with writing exercises you can use to practice what you’ve learned with your own topics.

For added value, you can get critique of your weekly writings (up to 1500 words, sent by email attachment). Due dates are the following Sunday with detailed feedback sent to you within 48 hours.

Week 1: Plan the Scope/Create the Outline

Week 2: Details and Description

Week 3: Integrating Narrative and Scene

Week 4: What Makes Good Dialog?

Week 5: Creating Convincing Characters

Week 6: Emotional Truth vs. Factual Truth

Six emailed weekly lessons $325 | Add $300 for critique on weekly writings

Contact me to enroll. PayPal and Checks Accepted

Writing & Editing Services OnlineMentorship Program

Ready to have a completed first draft of your memoir? The Mentorship Program gives you the structure and guidance along the way.

Graduates of Turning Truth to Art or experienced writers with a memoir planned or in progress can enroll in this program and get the structure of due dates and helpful feedback on their writing.

The program starts with a brief introduction to me by email, summarizing your project and your goals. Once we determine if the program is right for you, we establish your start date for the twelve weeks.

Time involved? The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. Write 2,500 words per week and at the end of twelve weeks you will have a 30,000-word manuscript. Repeat the twelve-week program and in six months total you’ll have completed a  60,000-word draft of your memoir, with expert guidance. The average published memoir is between 60,000 and 80,000 words. From here, you’re ready to move on to revisions and prepare for publication.

  • Start the first Monday of any month
  • $1250 — 12 weeks (may be paid in two installments of $625)

Contact me to enroll. PayPal and Checks Accepted


Start making real progress.



Suzanne is a sensitive and knowledgeable instructor and writer. She expertly guided me while I wrote Among the Silent Giants, which was published in 2012 thanks to Suzanne’s quality coaching. It has won honorable mention at the 2013 Los Angeles Book Festival and other awards. — Sharon Porter Moxley/Author

Suzanne is incredibly bright and talented. She has an academic yet sensitive approach that leaves her students well-grounded in the genre. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs an editor or wants to learn more about memoir writing. — Frances Caballo, Social Media Strategist/Author

Whenever I wanted to give up, Suzanne urged me on. When my confidence was low, she boosted it up. When writers’ block stalled me, she got me going again. When I struggled to find just the right word, Suzanne made great suggestions. — Norma Borelli, Author


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