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Have you started writing a memoir and want expert help to make it all it can be? Do you dream of writing a book about a transformative experience you've had or want to draw from your wealth of knowledge to create a great book that can fulfill people's needs and advance your career?

I've helped hundreds of new and experienced writers start and finish nonfiction books and memoirs, get agents or self-publish. Since 1983 I've been a book consultant, editor, writing coach, memoir teacher, self-publishing guide, and query and book proposal writer.

Some people call me a book midwife. Most people are just glad they called me.


Memoir is a popular literary genre for some very good reasons. Memoir is a true story that engages like a good novel and has the power to affect or even change lives with its intimate perspective, profound lessons and thought-provoking insights.

The journey of writing a memoir can be a tough one to make on your own. An experienced writing coach is invaluable, guiding you around the twists and turns to the finish line. I’m passionate about the power of memoir and all that's involved in turning truth to art. It's the reason I’ve devoted myself to helping so many writers fulfill their dreams.

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Have an idea for a memoir and need help developing its theme and shape? At work on a nonfiction book that's reading too dry? Writing a potential best-seller and not sure what makes a winning book proposal? Maybe you want to know your best publishing route: traditional or indie (e-book). I consult on it all and guide writers to success.

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Writing takes dedication. It wants first drafts from an inspired place followed by review and rewriting. Professional editing comes next, drawing out a book's strengths, making sure the voice is vivid, the tone consistent, the scenes well drawn, and the theme clear and compelling. The polish completes it: I copy edit for grammar, punctuation, and good flow. Then it's time to get published.

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